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greifswalder strasse


l x b x t 350 cm x 120cm x 110 cm
transparent film PVC, painted, varnished
sven borger

vienna 2019



linz 2019

"Neologism" means the new coinage of language.  A newly created word (neologism) or expression, or a new meaning given to an existing word or expression (neologism), or the word or expression itself to which the new meaning is given."  
In the novel "1984", George Orwell draws the language reinterpretation in the environment of a totalitarian regime. The vocabulary is reduced, terms that inspire critical thinking are eliminated.  

If one looks at the new condominium buildings being erected everywhere in Berlin, one sees a picture of recourse to a formal language in the "Wilhelminian manner. Do the new buildings follow the idea of function as the home of a multi-layered society? The function is bent. Luxury is the focus. The "exclusive" as the desired pace-setter of new city dwellers. 


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